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Avia Bakery is a first-generation family own business. Whilst growing up in Nigeria, there used to be a bakery very close to my house, where they used to make fresh sweet white bread. My family was one of the regular customers at the bakery. The smell of freshly baked bread would always fill the air every evening. Those were my fondest childhood memories.

Avia Bakery was born out of my childhood memories of delicious sweet white bread, and I am willing to bring the same experience to our customers. A taste of home away from home.

At Avia Bakery, we are passionate about your health. We make every loaf from unbleached Canadian wheat flour and quality ingredients using natural preservatives.

We strive to become a brand of quality sweet bread in stores across Ottawa, Ontario province and Canada at large. Our goal is to be on every breakfast table and lunch pack.
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