About Us

Belhana.ca is the first multicultural online store dedicated to bringing multi-vendors food products closer to you. Such products are prepared by CERTIFIED amazing food producers whose passion is to bring the taste of HOME to your dinner table.

All products are handmade using the best ingredients, passion, and LOVE. No massive production, No preservatives, and No false advertising. 

Our mission is to help food producers deliver their products to all communities and to make sure they offer best quality. To help our customers to enjoy amazing products and support the small business community.

All our online store food producers are Certified by the city public health and work in a licensed commercial kitchen.

Some of our suppliers:

Alkadour Sweets:

Chef Ayman is a Syrian refugee who came to Canada three years ago, Ayman owned a very well-known bakery back in his country, which was destroyed during war..

Ayman is re-establishing his business in Canada and within the past 2 year he gained an excellent reputation and a lot of respect from his community.

Ayman offers amazing pastries like the traditional baklava and ghraybeh.

You can follow him at https://www.facebook.com/alkadoursweets/



Chef Lucho has been in business for more than 20 years, offering a hand made pasta and traditional pasta sauces to his customer at his restaurant downtown for many years and now throw out his takeout in Gloucester.

The difference between homemade pasta and commercial pasta is unbitable and cannot be explained. It is an experience by itself and worth the try.

Website: www.fettuccines.com